• Image of O.G.R.E.S Mini Figures

Credenda Studios is pleased to release the first line of mini figure line called O.G.R.E.S, which stands for Obnoxious. Ghouls. Ruining. Everything. The first three OGRES to be released are Leroy, Gunther, and Hugo. Think of them as the three stooges. They’re always planning these brilliant schemes but they never can follow through. So take these guys home and give them the love they probably don’t deserve. After all they’ll probably just ruin everything once they’re out of the box. You've been warned.

OGRES clock in at 2” tall and come sealed in a clear bag with a signed and numbered header card.

NOTE: All figures are sold blind, but if you purchase three figures, I will ensure that you receive a full set. But quantities are limited so act fast. Figures may appear slightly different than photo. Each one is uniquely made.

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