• Image of Freddy Fett AP
  • Image of Freddy Fett AP
  • Image of Freddy Fett AP

As seen at the DKE booth at San Diego Comic Con 2015 is the Freddy Fett AP edition! The original run of 30 sold out on the opening night. But a small limited run is now available for purchase for everyone who missed out on the first run. This is the first in an ongoing series of serial bounty hunters. So grab a Freddy Fett and collect them all!

"Weaving in and out of nightmares, Freddy Fett brings new terror to the minds of children. With his sidekick at his back and his razor-sharp claws, he will show you the true meaning of "Nightmare." No one is safe against this Bounty Hunter.

If you run, he will find you."

Hand cast and painted by Credenda Studios.
Articulated Arms
3.75" in height
Artwork by: Craig Horky

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep the SDCC figures exclusive to the con, this version will not come with the hat accessory.

Sold Out