• Image of Dengar Figure
  • Image of Dengar Figure

Dengar Returns!

"Once a Corellian Bounty Hunter and the famed pilot of the Punishing One, Dengar travelled across the galaxy, hunting the universe’s most vile criminals. After being left for dead on the planet Vendaxa by his fellow bounty hunters, the stranded Dengar fought countless creatures, many of which nearly killed him.

After 13 standard years fighting for survival on Vendaxa, Dengar escaped and now has one last mission; to bring an end to the ones who left him for dead so many years ago."

Hand painted and cast by Beau Greener of Credenda Studios
3.75" Figures
6x9 backercard
Artwork by Craig Horky http://craighorky.storenvy.com/
Available Friday 10/21/2016 @6pm PST

Sold Out